Welcome To The Hempstead Carpet Cleaning

We Provide Top Notch Cleaning Services Which Includes The Following:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Boat Cleaning

Welcome To The Hempstead Carpet Cleaning

We Provide Top Notch Cleaning Services Which Includes The Following:

Our Upholstery Cleaning Services:
Because Your Upholstery Deserves Special Care

No matter how hard you try to keep dust, stains, and various other dirt agents away from your upholstery, a time will come when you will have to depend on professional upholstery cleaning services to restore the appearance. At Hempstead Carpet Cleaning, we know that you want excellent services and that’s exactly what you will get in return at affordable prices, just the way you wish!

These days, people search for companies that they can trust to care for their furniture. Surely, it’s about putting your investment at risk. At Hempstead Carpet Cleaning, we know that your furniture is the biggest investment and this is why we provide you with high quality upholstery cleaning services. Your upholstery deserves special care and we will do all we can to protect your favorite investment.

Our Technicians are Number One!

Hempstead Carpet Cleaning technicians have years of experience in the care of different fabrics. They can clean the most complex and delicate ones within a short time. They take their time to test the fabric for color tests, and durability. Once they are sure, they use proper solution to clean the upholstered furniture. They use special tools to clean crevices and folds gently to ensure that your upholstery is completely clean.

The completely safe and superior quality equipment and cleaning products we use will keep your mind at peace from both the ecological and technological perspective. We will complete everything to meet the highest possible standards of quality and safety.

Here’s what to Expect from Our Upholstery Cleaning Service

Just as the appearance of your carpets, the appearance of your furniture says a lot about your home and personality. That’s why a Hempstead Carpet cleaning, we use simple processes to clean your carpets. We use pH-balancing solutions to rinse the fabrics and remove dust and dirt residue. This leaves your furniture clean, and fabric smelling fresh.

When you call us, our trained technicians will arrive at your place and conduct a thorough pre-inspection of the upholstery to identify all the problem areas.


Our Customer Service is Unmatchable

At Hempstead Carpet Cleaning, we guarantee that the customer service we have to offer is unmatchable by other companies in the upholstery cleaning industry. Customer satisfaction is our top priority so rest assured that we would provide the best cleaning services.

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